Meeting Times

9:30 Adult Bible Class & Children's Bible Class

Join us this Winter and Spring for Adult Bible Class which meets at 9:30 am. The winter/spring theme is Kingdom Come: Living Under the Reign of Christ. Coffee is always available when you arrive! Children's Bible Class for Ages 7-10 also meets at 9:30 am. Arrive a few minutes early to check in your children in the library for this class.

Morning Worship - 10:30 am


Join us for worship Sunday mornings at 10:30 am. We meet at the Samuel Tucker Elementary School in Cameron Station. If you come a little early at 10:10 am, you'll find coffee to enjoy and time to meet others from Grace Church. Childcare is provided. 

Community Groups

Six community groups (small groups open to everyone) meet regularly to study the Bible, share, and pray together. Here's the scoop on all our Community Groups, including the three Women's Groups, the Men's Community Group, the West Group (Fairfax/Manassas area), and Marriage Tune Up Group. For locations and times, call 703.639.4077 or email the church.