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This Sunday November 15th, we’re taking a break from All In Orphan Care Class to hold our Annual Family Meeting at 9:30 am. Members of Grace Church–come vote on the church budget and officers for 2016 at the annual business meeting for church members.

All In Orphan Care Class will resume next Sunday November 22, with a testimony from an adoptive family and a lesson on “The Theology of Adoption.”


Becoming a Church That Cares for the Vulnerable

What does it look like for a church family to get engaged in caring for orphans–children who have lost one or both parents? How can do something for the weak and vulnerable? What are some small (and some big) steps we can take to make a difference in orphans lives?

A Class For Everyone (Not Just If You’re Thinking about Adopting)

From October to December, at 9:30 am Adult Bible Class we’re on a journey together called All In Orphan Care. This class at Grace Church of Alexandria is for the whole church: for kids to learn to care about the lives of fatherless children, for singles to find out how to sponsor an at-risk child, for couples to discover what temporary fostering, fostering, and adoption look like, for everyone to learn what we can do to reflect God’s heart for the fatherless.

This class is for you, not just for a family who is looking to adopt!

We’ll watch short films, hear moving testimonies from Grace Church members, study the Bible, and discuss small and large steps our church can take to “visit the orphans in their affliction” (James 1:27).

A Roadmap To Love the Fatherless

In six sessions, we’ll explore:

  • What Is Orphan Care? October 25
    Exploring God’s heart for the orphan and our mandate to care for them
  • The Theology of Adoption – November 8
    Discovering how the imagery of adoption in Scripture paints a vivid picture of our redemption in Jesus
  • How Orphan Care Displays the Gospel – November 22
    Uncovering three unique, tangible ways our care of orphans reflects God’s care of us in Christ
  • The Other Side of Orphan Care – November 29
    Pursuing the goal of permanence through both prevention and adoption efforts
  • Making Orphan Care Small – December 6
    Embracing the call not to change the world for all orphans, but to change the world of at least one
  • Identifying Your Role – December 13
    Understanding that not everyone is called to do the same thing but everyone is called to do something

Join us Sundays at 9:30 am for All In Orphan Care at Grace Church of Alexandria.

To apply to or give to our Church Adoption Fund, click here.

Orphan Sunday, November 8, 2015

Also, join us for Orphan Sunday as we dedicate a whole worship service on November 8 at 10:30 am to look at God’s adopting love and see how it motivates love for orphans.


From Fall to Spring, Grace Church groups come together once a month on a Saturday evening, for a communal dinner. The goal for the Salt Shaker Dinners is to meet new people and strengthen our fellowship. These informal dinners take place at the volunteer hosts’ houses.

Host: Guests will be randomly assigned to you each month. As host, you will provide the main dish. You will also coordinate with your dinner group to set a time for the dinner, and to arrange for guests to bring drinks and side dishes.

Guest: The goal is for you attend Salt Shaker dinners with six different host families. The host will contact you to confirm and ask you to bring either drinks or side dishes. If for some reason you cannot attend the dinner, just let the host know.

Host/Guest: Sometimes you will host the dinners and sometimes you will be a guest at the dinners. 

Right now, we are going to focus on the three Saturdays for this fall and they are:
  • September 26
  • October 24 
  • November 21 
Participation in all three dinners is not required, just sign up for the days that work for you.
Sign Up Here
GCA attenders–please log in to The City and sign up to attend Salt Shaker Dinner Groups here. The deadline for signing up for the fall dinners is Friday, September 18th. We will distribute the dinner group list on Sunday the 20th. Not on The City and need an Invite to The City to Sign Up. Request access to The City here.


Gender and Sexuality
What does the Bible say about gender and sexuality, which are undergoing lightning-fast cultural developments in the 21st century? Join us on Sundays at 9:30 am at Grace Church of Alexandria for an insightful discussion Scripture on the sexual revolution.

Let’s Bring Our Questions To God and Listen to Him
Starting Sunday September 6, 2015 and running through October, we are discussing the following questions about self-identity, the body, and sexuality:

  • Why did God create us as sexual beings?
  • Should I attend a same-sex wedding?
  • Can you be gay and a Christian?
  • How should I teach my child about their gender?
  • What does biblical femininity and masculinity look like?
  • Why does GCA have women deacons but not women pastors?
  • Is it right or wrong to go along with transgender feelings?

Not Ammo for Culture War…but Compassion for Broken People

The starting point of this biblical series is not to give you ammo to fight the culture war raging in America. This conversation will go deeper and more intimate than that. The starting point for this is the gospel. Specifically, that as a result of the Fall, all of us, including me and you–are broken people and need redemption, especially in the area of our sexuality.

We will listen thoughtfully to God’s timeless Word of grace to experience healing for our self-identity. Through this we will begin to learn know how to minister God’s transforming grace to fellow humans (in Grace Church and our community, maybe even ourselves) who are drawn to pop feelings and well-branded lifestyles that are actually forms of rebellion against the Creator God.

The aim is to unfold God’s design for gender and sexuality and to equip you with God’s grace to compassionately help yourself and others find Jesus Christ as more desirable than the alternate lifestyles promoted today.

Join us Sundays at 9:30 am for Gender and Sexuality.


Here’s a final update and word of thanks about the project to gather backpacks and school supplies for children in need who attend Samuel W. Tucker Elementary School.

I just wanted to take a minute and express my gratitude towards everyone who supported this effort.  Whether you supported us through donation and/or prayer, it is because of your efforts that I am able to say that we were able to fill 24 backpacks with extra supplies to donate.

 The backpacks are filled with at least one of every item that was on the supply list, as well as a small gospel tract and information card about Grace Church of Alexandria.  These backpacks and supplies will go straight to kids in our community in need attending school at Samuel W. Tucker Elementary.  

We will directly touch well over 24 students, but through your actions and love, we will touch countless families, teachers, and staff at Samuel Tucker.  So, thank you, thank you for your participation and support.  I pray we will be able to do this again next year.

~ Dominique Johnson, Project Coordinator


Enjoying God: Lessons on Spirituality from David Brainerd
Sundays at 9:30 am in July and August

Join us at Grace Church of Alexandria each Sunday at 9:30 am for an insightful discussion on how to enjoy God, from the life and example of David Brainerd. Each class attendee receives a free devotional guide based on Brainerd’s writings.

Why Learn from David Brainerd?
David Brainerd was a courageous single man who ministered in the 1700’s for four years among Native American Indians in Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey. His diary and journal capture the heart of a young man captivated by the beauty of Christ. Generations of Christians have found lessons for their own spiritual lives from the honesty, habits, and view of God of David Brainerd.

Finding God Even In Depression
Like many Christians today, David Brainerd suffered from life-long depression and despair. His transparent writings show believers the way forward to enjoying God even when your feelings aren’t following.

Enjoying God: Lessons on Spirituality from David Brainerd
Starting Sunday July 5th, we are discussing the following aspects of spiritual life, over donuts and coffee at 9:30 am:

  • Spirituality: Manifesting Jesus’s Likeness in your love
  • Salvation: Seeing Jesus’ glory in your heart
  • Sunday Worship: Celebrating Jesus’ victory in your week
  • Secret Duties: Praying for Jesus’ exaltation throughout your day
  • Self-examination: Longing for Jesus’ perfect likeness in your life
  • Suffering: Reflecting Jesus’ humility during your hardships
  • Strength in Weakness: Glorifying Jesus’ Power through your frailty







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We will be collecting backpacks and school supplies for Samuel W. Tucker Elementary School students in need. We are grateful to be able to meet in the school for worship on Sundays and would like to give back to the school community.

Collection dates: from May 31 to July 5.

List of supplies: at the Welcome Table on Sundays or email the church to request it. Monetary donations are also accepted. You can gather a full backpack, or a dozen of the same needed item (erasers, for example), or whatever combination you’d like.

To Donate: Please put your donations in the plastic bin at church or give directly to project coordinator Dominique Johnson.

Thank you for helping to give back to our community!


Have you recently begun attending and checking out Grace Church? You are invited to a special 2-day event just for you!

Introduction to Grace Church Class
Sunday June 14 + Sunday June 21
9:00 am to 10:20 am

What to Expect
Come meet the pastors, hear our story, catch our vision, hear testimonies of current members, and learn how to get the most out of your Grace Church experience.

A catered lunch at 12 pm will be held on one of these days.


To RSVP, click here (takes you to The City). If you need an invite to access The City, contact the church office here.

Questions? See Deacon of Membership Dave Ruse who is organizing the 2-day class by writing him here.

Childcare: Need childcare? When you RSVP, mention the ages and number of children so we line up screened childcare workers for the class.

Come 10 minutes early–at 9:20 am–this Sunday May 24 for a spread of breakfasty snacks provided by the Hospitality Team. Then around 9:30 am we’ll break up into groups to pray together with praise and intercession.
How often do we get to pray together? This prayer time will bring us together and help us seek the Lord’s face as a church family.

Be on the lookout for road closures due to Rolling Thunder which happens during GCA’s morning gathering.


Under pressure for their faith.

Socially marginalized for holding to Christian doctrine.

Searching for hope and encouragement in troubled times.

Wrestling with submitting to an increasingly hostile government.

Wondering why in the world God was allowing pain and suffering in their path.

These are the real-life concerns of Christians the Apostle Peter addressed when he wrote 1 and 2 Peter. Join us Sundays at 10:30 am for Through the Fire, To the Feast, a fascinating and relevant journey through these two biblical books. Together we will explore Peter’s meditations of hope for a journey of faith in this broken world.

On Sundays, Lead Pastor Jonathan Matías is expositionally leading the congregation through a passage from 1 and 2 Peter, explaining and applying God’s Words in a practical and encouraging way, with a view toward pointing to the glory and grace of Jesus Christ. Join us for Through the Fire, to the Feast at 10:30 am on Sundays at Grace Church of Alexandria.