Are you wondering why Christians worship Jesus of Nazareth? Do you have questions you’ve been wanting to ask about the credibility of the Christian faith or reliability of the Bible? As Lead Pastor, I invite you to contact our church, for we’d be glad to share the core message about Jesus Christ and answer your questions in a short discussion study called Christianity Explained

Christianity Explained
We’d be delighted to introduce you to the message of Jesus in six brief discussion studies in the Gospel of Mark, a biography of Jesus in the Bible. One of our thoughtful, listening members and the booklet shown below, Christianity Explained, will be your guide. You are welcome to ask any questions that you have, and no question is too threatening, or off-the wall. Jesus made staggering truth claims and issued incredible promises to his followers. We’d like to show you what he said, and give you a comfortable atmosphere to think through those claims and promises for yourself.

Interested in going through Christianity Explained? Contact me at 703.639.4077 (press 4 to reach the pastoral staff) or email the church here. Please also come join us for Sunday services at 10:30 am in April as we consider who Jesus is and what’s the big deal about him.


The Story
In addition, here is a visual explanation of the gospel, the good news of the person and work of Jesus Christ, that has changed our lives. It’s called “The Story” and it tells how you can find peace with God and enter into an everlasting relationship with him!


Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 4.11.43 PM

Join us Sundays in April, especially Easter Sunday April 20, as we explore together what Christianity is all about.

9:30 am Adult Bible Class – Sitting in the Ashes with Job: The Book of Job
10:30 am Worship Service – Jesus Messiah–The Gospel of Matthew


To the good folks of Grace Church of Alexandria, Pastor Garrett Lee summed up so well how your pastors feel about you:


We pastors (Jonathan, Garrett, and Ron) are grateful for you–the congregation–which we are privileged to shepherd and serve.

Sitting In the Ashes With Job

How would you respond if on one day you lost your health, your wealth and your family? You would wonder “Why did this happen to me?” “Where is God in the midst of this tragedy?” “What have I done to deserve this? This is precisely what happened to a faithful believer named Job, as recorded in the oldest book of the Bible.

Join us Sundays at 9:30 a.m. for Sitting in the Ashes With Job as we learn from the life and book of Job, starting March 16, 2014. This Adult Bible Class is an invitation to wrestle together with hard questions about life, suffering, friendship, and God’s character. Learn how to understand and interpret this book, and find hope when bad things happen.

Also, check out this stunning film and book on Job written by John Piper and illustrated by Chris Koelle. We’ll be showing this film toward the end of the 6 week class.


9:30 am Adult Bible Class at Grace Church of Alexandria

March 16 – Sitting in the Ashes With Job
March 23 – 9:15 am Men’s Breakfast and Adult Bible Class.
A special discussion for men about our relationship with Christ and how it fuels our fight for sexual integrity.
March 30 - Sitting in the Ashes With Job
April 6 - Sitting in the Ashes With Job
April 13 – Sitting in the Ashes With Job
April 20 - Sitting in the Ashes With Job
April 27 - Sitting in the Ashes With Job.





Join us Sundays at 9:30 am at Grace Church of Alexandria for an engaging, discussion-oriented class about how to share the gospel with Muslims, and really, anyone who holds different values than you.

Screen Shot 2013-12-19 at 10.22.47 AM

On Sunday December 29, Grace Church is worshiping at an alternate location. Join us at the Frost home near Old Town Alexandria for worship this Sunday at 10:30 am. In January, we’ll return to our regular meeting place–Samuel W. Tucker Elementary School.

Where: The Frost home
624 Kings Cloister Circle, Alexandria, Virginia 22302

When: 10:30 am
Sunday December 29, 2013

What: A relaxed Sunday worship service in a home
A carol sing, testimonies, a Christmas-themed Bible study, & light refreshments

Childcare is provided for kids ages 0 to 3. Kids older than this can join us in the service.

Park in the Frost’s driveway or anywhere along Kings Cloister Circle.

Call the church at 703.639.4077 or email us here.

Parents, the Gospel Project For Kids Family App allows you to reinforce Sunday’s GraceKids lesson with your kids during the week! Download this free iPad and iPhone app here, or search for “Gospel Project for Kids Family App” in the App Store.


The app is free. You can purchase individual lessons which go along with exactly what your children were taught in GraceKids this week. Every Sunday order of worship at Grace Church lists the lesson and unit the kids are being taught during the service. Each download includes an introduction and five-day calendar filled with simple family activities and links to Bible story and discussion videos, key passage songs, and fun games. If your kids are sick or traveling, you can use this app at home so your kids don’t miss a thing!

Questions? See Pastor Garrett Lee.



At Grace Church we’ll be observing Orphan Sunday on November 24, 2013 at 9:30 am Adult Bible Class and 10:30 am Worship Service. Since November is Adoption Month, we set aside a Sunday in November to think about God’s heart for the fatherless and how it should stir his people to care for children in need. Come join us! Here’s what’s coming up–

9:30 am Adult Bible Class – Special Guests From Romania Reborn
We’ll be hearing from Romania Reborn, a local ministry which sponsors relief and missionary work among orphans, abandoned babies and other needy children in Romania. This vital ministry was started by a friend of mine when she was 20 years old. Learn about Romania reborn here:

10:30 am Worship Service – Orphan Sunday Theme
Testimonies, video, songs, prayers, and preaching about the gospel truth of adoption and how this motivates us to care for orphans to make God’s adopting love tangible.

Wondering more about Orphan Sunday or why adoption and foster care are such a big deal at our church?

I AM LOVED from Christian Alliance for Orphans on Vimeo.

There Will Be No Poor Among You

November 18th, 2013

Sermon Title: There Will Be No Poor Among You
Text: Deuteronomy 15:1-11
Speaker: Chris Sicks, Pastor of Mercy, Alexandria Presbyterian Church
Author of Tangible: Making God Known Through Deeds of Mercy and Words of Truth
ISBN #1612914411


The Basin and The Towel

November 5th, 2013

Sermon Title: The Basin and The Towel
Speaker: Jonathan Matías, Lead Pastor
Text: Matthew 20:17-34
Series: Jesus Messiah-The Gospel of Matthew

Listen by clicking the audio player at the end of this post.

  1. A Personal Revelation (v. 17-19)
  2. A Principle Stated (v. 20-28)
  3. A Pattern to Follow (v. 29-34)