This Thursday August 21 is a historic day in Alexandria history. It’s the 75th anniversary of the Alexandria Library sit-in led by Samuel W. Tucker, what is believed to be the first civil rights sit-in in American history. On this occasion, our lead pastor Jonathan Matías retold Samuel Tucker’s story and preached a synopsis of what the Bible says about race.

Listen by clicking the play button below, and follow along with this visual presentation.

Race, Cross, and the Church: Toward a Biblical Theology of Race by gracealexandria

Sermon Title: Race, Cross, and The Church: Toward a Biblical Theology of Race
Sermon Text: Genesis 1:26-28, 8:13-17; Ephesians 2:11-22; Revelation 7:9-10

Read more about the historic sit-in here and here.

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Why Can We Talk to God?

August 10th, 2014

Sermon Title: Why Can We Talk to God?
Sermon Text: Hebrews
Speaker: Ron Bean, Elder
Series: How to Talk to God When… (Part 2)

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I believe wholeheartedly in God’s good work at First Baptist of NYC! To keep the momentum going of discipleship, conversions, growth & joy in Christ, our friends in NYC could use a helping hand. I’m personally trying to raise $5,000 for this project.

The Need at First NYC

A key system–the heating system–in the church has broken down. If we work together to help replace this critical system, we’ll free the members to joyfully and energetically keep on being a gospel light in Manhattan. It’s an extravagant cost to replace ($250,000) but will help keep the extravagant gospel shining brightly at 79th & Broadway.

Give Via CauseVox

Every gift helps. $10. $100. or $1,000. We’re already part way to the $250k goal! Would you prayerfully give now, and share the need with a few people you know?

Why Give
Grace Church of Alexandria believes so much in First NYC and Matthew & Kimberly Hoskinson that we are financial partners with them on a monthly basis, and have been for some time. I can testify firsthand that the gospel is working powerfully in their community and church, and this is a worthy investment.

Thank you for caring enough about the spread of God’s kingdom to read this. Thank you for contributing, if you are able.

Grace be yours.
Jonathan T. Matías

Armchair Theology!
This summer Grace Church has launched our first small group that meets online to serve our members who would like to grow but can’t always meet in person. The Theology Reading Group is studying and discussing core Christian doctrines live via Google handouts several times a month.

Pilgrim Theology
Members can participate remotely from anywhere they have an internet connection. The group is going through Pilgrim Theology, a stellar guide to core Christian beliefs by Michael Horton. The group consists of up to 10 members who have signed up. It’s already started; if you’d like to join in or learn about future live online community groups we will offer, contact the church here.


Helping You Grow
Grace Church offers 8 community groups to help you connect with other believers and grow in the Christian faith. We’re committed to helping every one of our members to put down deeper roots in their walk with God and take the next step in enjoying and serving him. Come check out Grace Church and then check out any of our community groups which are open to anyone to visit!


Abimelech: Anti-judge

August 3rd, 2014

Sermon Title: Abimelech: Anti-judge
Sermon Text: Judges 9
Speaker: Jonathan Matías, Lead Pastor
Series: Judges: {Un}Faithful

Main Idea: Sooner or later, God will pay back the unrepentant for their wickedness.

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So easily I fall into listening to songs and hymns that are primarily upbeat and positive. Yet it helps to build into your singing and listening songs that are realistic about the difficulties of the Christian life and living in a broken world.

This month at Grace Church, we’re singing Jesus I My Cross Have Taken, an old hymn to new music which helps us find refuge in Christ when things aren’t going well. This, along with the other songs in the Indelible Grace collection are worthy of buying and downloading to your music player.

For me this song reminds me of all the treasures that I have in Jesus Christ, when it seems like everything else is fading from me. Listen, and find rest in God:

From the album “Pilgrim Days: Indelible Grace II”


Jesus, I My Cross Have Taken  

Jesus, I my cross have taken,
All to leave and follow Thee.
Destitute, despised, forsaken,
Thou from hence my all shall be.
Perish every fond ambition,
All I’ve sought or hoped or known.
Yet how rich is my condition!
God and heaven are still my own.

Let the world despise and leave me,
They have left my Savior, too.
Human hearts and looks deceive me;
Thou art not, like them, untrue.
O while Thou dost smile upon me,
God of wisdom, love, and might,
Foes may hate and friends disown me,
Show Thy face and all is bright.

Man may trouble and distress me,
’Twill but drive me to Thy breast.
Life with trials hard may press me;
Heaven will bring me sweeter rest.
Oh, ’tis not in grief to harm me
While Thy love is left to me;
Oh, ’twere not in joy to charm me,
Were that joy unmixed with Thee.

Go, then, earthly fame and treasure,
Come disaster, scorn and pain
In Thy service, pain is pleasure,
With Thy favor, loss is gain
I have called Thee Abba Father,
I have stayed my heart on Thee
Storms may howl, and clouds may gather;
All must work for good to me.

Soul, then know thy full salvation
Rise o’er sin and fear and care
Joy to find in every station,
Something still to do or bear.
Think what Spirit dwells within thee,
Think what Father’s smiles are thine,
Think that Jesus died to win thee,
Child of heaven, canst thou repine.

6. Haste thee on from grace to glory,
Armed by faith, and winged by prayer.
Heaven’s eternal days before thee,
God’s own hand shall guide us there.
Soon shall close thy earthly mission,
Soon shall pass thy pilgrim days,
Hope shall change to glad fruition,
Faith to sight, and prayer to praise.

© 2001 Bill Moore Music.

Sermon Title: Persecution and Gospel Progress
Sermon Text: Acts 8
Speaker: Jonathan Matías, Lead Pastor

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In this mini-sermon, learn what this symbol painted on Christian homes in Iraq means and why it’s cropped up on Christians’ social media worldwide.


This mini-sermons was followed by a showing of Dispatches From the Front: Day of Battle.

Trailer – Episode 7: Day of Battle from Frontline Missions International on Vimeo.


Why say no to breakfast and fellowship? Come enjoy breakfast with other men of Grace Church and hear Paul Thompson share the compelling story of his time in the U.S. Navy and how God led him to believe in Jesus Christ. Sign up here at the City to bring a dish or help setup/teardown.
Time: 9:15-10:15 am

When: Sunday, July 27, 2014

Where: In the 4-6 year olds GraceKids area

Not on The City? Request an invite here.

Sermon Title:  Gideon Takes Revenge
Sermon Text:  Judges 8
Speaker:  Jonathan Matias, Lead Pastor
Series: Judges: {Un}Faithful

I. A Soft Answer… (8:1-3)
II. Out of Control (8:4-17)
III. Personal Vendetta (8:18-21)
IV. A True King (8:22-28)

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Sermon Title: Teach Us How to Talk to God
Sermon Text: Luke 11:1-13
Speaker: Ron Bean, Elder
Series: How to Talk to God When…

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