Have you recently begun attending and checking out Grace Church? You are invited to a special 2-day event just for you!

Introduction to Grace Church Class
Sunday June 14 + Sunday June 21
9:00 am to 10:20 am

What to Expect
Come meet the pastors, hear our story, catch our vision, hear testimonies of current members, and learn how to get the most out of your Grace Church experience.

A catered lunch at 12 pm will be held on one of these days.


To RSVP, click here (takes you to The City). If you need an invite to access The City, contact the church office here.

Questions? See Deacon of Membership Dave Ruse who is organizing the 2-day class by writing him here.

Childcare: Need childcare? When you RSVP, mention the ages and number of children so we line up screened childcare workers for the class.

Come 10 minutes early–at 9:20 am–this Sunday May 24 for a spread of breakfasty snacks provided by the Hospitality Team. Then around 9:30 am we’ll break up into groups to pray together with praise and intercession.
How often do we get to pray together? This prayer time will bring us together and help us seek the Lord’s face as a church family.

Be on the lookout for road closures due to Rolling Thunder which happens during GCA’s morning gathering.

Sermon Title: “An Extravagant Inheritance”
Sermon Text: 1 Peter 1:3-12
Speakers: Jonathan Matías, Lead Pastor
Series: Through the Fire to the Feast

Click the link below to listen to an audio recording of the sermon.

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Online Journal at www.timkeesee.com

This spring Tim Keesee, a Grace Church of Alexandria ministry partner, began journaling online at www.timkeesee.com from the road as he watches the gospel advance in the most difficult places. Feel your heart soar and your joy in the gospel overflow as you read of how God is bringing darkness to light in unforseen, dramatic places where you’d lease expect Christianity to survive, let alone flourish.

Meet Tim Keesee

Tim and his wife Debbie are long-time friends of Grace Church, having advised us in our church planting years. He has advised and lectured at GCA on missions and the gospel, and this year we began supporting his family as he leads Frontline Missions International. Tim has been instrumental in inspiring Grace Church to do something about the persecuted church, invest in making gospel inroads in heavily-Muslim regions of the world, and see that the gospel is advancing wildly in hard places, beyond all expectations.

8 Dispatches from the Front Films

Last Sunday by watching the film No Regrets, No Retreat during our worship service, we traced Tim’s journey into China as he documented how Christianity is billowing through loving acts and gospel witness in spite of a repressive Communist government. I highly recommend you buy (or borrow from the church office) all 8 of the Dispatches from the Front films which will change your life and renew your perspective.

Compelling Dispatches from the Front Book

Tim has also penned his first-hand accounts of the gospel’s spread in difficult places as he’s met with persecuted Christians, courageous witnesses under repressive regimes, and evangelistic believers telling of Christ where the gospel has never been heard. Dispatches from the Front is a compelling read that will shake you to the core as you realize just how powerful, kind, and victorious is the resurrected Christ and his message of salvation.

Pray Regularly For Our Ministry Partners

Members of Grace Church–make it a point to intercede in prayer for Tim and Debbie Keesee and the team at Frontline Missions, International. They are an extension of our church family in regions we yearn for the fame of Christ to spread. Let’s undergird them in prayer, for safety, wisdom, success, and strength for The Journey they are on.

Sermon Title: “Through the Fire to the Feast”
Sermon Text: 1 Peter 4:12-13
Speakers: Jonathan Matías
Series: Through the Fire, To the Feast

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Sermon Title: “How to Talk to God When You Don’t Understand What He Is Doing”
Sermon Text: Habakkuk 3
Speakers: Ron Bean, Elder
Series: How to Talk to God When . . .

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Sermon Title: “Through the Fire to the Feast”
Sermon Text: 1 Peter 1:1
Speakers: Jonathan Matías
Series: Through the Fire, To the Feast

Click the link below to listen to an audio recording of the sermon.


Under pressure for their faith.

Socially marginalized for holding to Christian doctrine.

Searching for hope and encouragement in troubled times.

Wrestling with submitting to an increasingly hostile government.

Wondering why in the world God was allowing pain and suffering in their path.

These are the real-life concerns of Christians the Apostle Peter addressed when he wrote 1 and 2 Peter. Join us Sundays at 10:30 am for Through the Fire, To the Feast, a fascinating and relevant journey through these two biblical books.

On Sundays, Lead Pastor Jonathan Matías is expositionally leading the congregation through a passage from 1 and 2 Peter, explaining and applying God’s Words in a practical and encouraging way, with a view toward pointing to the glory and grace of Jesus Christ. Join us for Through the Fire, to the Feast at 10:30 am on Sundays at Grace Church of Alexandria.

Correction: an earlier version of this post had the wrong date. Film showing is on May 10. 

A Front Row Seat to Gospel Advance
Join us for a front row seat to the gospel’s advance in China and Inner Mongolia, as we show No Regrets, No Retreat on Sunday May 10 during 10:30 am worship service. A brief missions-and-persecution-related sermon will be followed by a showing of No Regrets, No Retreat. Watch the trailer at the end of this post.

In this film, follow our church’s missionary Tim Keesee as he travels throughout China,

  • meeting courageous witnesses,
  • visiting house churches,
  • interviewing persecuted Chinese believers,
  • and seeing how the Chinese church is Christ’s hands and feet to marginalized peoples.


Dispatches From the Front #8
No Regrets, No Retreat is the 8th film in the Dispatches from the Front series, which have all been shown at GCA. Tim is a veteran missionary, partner of Grace Church, and leader of Frontline Missions, who blogs gospel thoughts at www.timkeesee.com and has written this compelling book about the kingdom’s spread under pressure.

Through the Fire, to the Feast
This unforgettable film will help set the stage for the new sermon series launching in April, Through the Fire, to the Feast: 1 and 2 Peter. The film visualizes the very real, contemporary, and difficult pressure that Christians face throughout the world because of their faith. This sermon series, launching on April 19, will wrestle with the presence of suffering in the believer’s life, comfort in God’s election, responding to marginalization for your faith, and yearning for the kingdom to come.

Watch the Trailer

Trailer – Episode 8: No Regrets, No Retreat from Frontline Missions International on Vimeo.

The Power of Love

April 19th, 2015

Sermon Title:  The Power of Love
Sermon Text:  John 17:20-24
Speaker:  Jonathan Matias, Lead Pastor
Series: The Church:  The dearest place on earth

Click the link below to listen to the audio recording of this sermon.