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Check out the video and audio from our gospel partner Tim Keesee’s recent address at Bethlehem Pastor’s and Leader’s Conference, at John Piper’s request:

“The Blood of the Martyrs Is the Seed: Learning From Missions and For Missions.”

Watch and listen here



Sit back and settle in for an epic biblical journey thought the remarkable book of Exodus in the new sermon series at Grace Church of Alexandria. Through this series Exodus–The God Who Redeems, get a front-row seat to the unmatched might and mercy of God to the weak and the needy, like us.

During this journey through Exodus, we will:

  • Learn why God chooses and empowers the insignificant;
  • Gaze at the incomparable power of God through the plagues and Exodus;
  • See how Jesus’s life story repeats patterns from the life of Moses and Israel;
  • Glimpse the holy and majestic splendor of God at Mt. Sinai;
  • Consider the authority and power possessed by God’s written words;
  • See how the Sovereign God controls the heart of Pharaohs and Presidents;
  • Find strength for following God in his promises and mighty deeds.
  • Discover God’s personal name he discloses in Exodus.

Join us Sundays at 10:30 am at Grace Church of Alexandria for the incredible story of Exodus: The God Who Redeems.

Gospel Growth: Part 2

February 8th, 2016

Sermon Title:  Gospel Growth: Part 2
Sermon Text:  Colossians 1:5–6
Speaker:  Jonathan Matías, Lead Pastor

Gospel Growth, Part 1

January 31st, 2016

Sermon Title:  Gospel Growth, Part 1
Sermon Text:  Col. 1:6
Speaker:  Jonathan Matías, Lead Pastor
Series: Gospel Growth

Click the link below to listen to the audio recording of this sermon.

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When we’re feeling all alone and on our own, the answers to our heartache and solitude may seem clear. Yet often what we’re longing for isn’t really going to satisfy the unresolved tensions we’re feeling.

For example, did you know that married couples can be of the loneliest people around? A marriage relationships is not specifically the antidote to loneliness.

Dr. Darrell Bock and Gary Barnes discusses 5 myths and truths about loneliness in their recent post on The Gospel Coalition. Take a look at the takeaways below, then click here to read the article.

5 Myths and Truths in Loneliness

Myth #1: Loneliness is a result of something bad, and therefore no one should have to experience it.

Truth #1: Even before sin entered human experience, God described loneliness as “not good,” yet he used it to bring about a greater good.


Myth #2: Loneliness is a result of singleness, a second-class transitional stage of life on the way to the first-class state of marriage.

Truth #2: Loneliness isn’t a result of singleness. Single and married are equal and necessary image bearers of God. Blessings of fullness and contentment (though not full completeness) are to be experienced in both states.


Myth #3: We can avoid loneliness by getting married.

Truth #3: Loneliness can be equally experienced in singleness or marriage. In fact, many can feel more alone in their marriage than they did in their singleness.


Myth #4: Loneliness can be avoided by meeting my sexual needs.

Truth #4: Trying to meet non-sexual needs sexually will heighten loneliness. Only when we meet our non-sexual needs in non-sexual ways will we begin to adequately address our loneliness.


Myth #5: Limiting my freedom will increase my loneliness.

Truth #5: Trying to preserve freedoms will heighten loneliness. In fact, having fewer choices decreases loneliness. The paradoxical truth is this: “In choosing to have less, you choose to have more.”

The full article is available to read here.


Throughout this Winter, Grace Church of Alexandria Salt Shaker Dinner Groups come together once a month, on a Saturday evening, for a communal dinner. The idea  for these dinners is to meet new people and strengthen our fellowship. These informal dinners take place at the volunteer hosts’ houses.

You can choose to host, or just to attend. You bring a dish, and the other dinner guests each bring a dish.

Host: Guests will be randomly assigned to you each month. As host, you will provide the main dish. You will also coordinate with your dinner group to set a time for the dinner, and to arrange for guests to bring drinks and side dishes.

Guest: The goal is for you attend Salt Shaker dinners with different host families. The host will contact you to confirm and ask you to bring either drinks or side dishes. If for some reason you cannot attend the dinner, just let the host know.

Host/Guest: Sometimes you will host the dinners and sometimes you will be a guest at the dinners. 

The dinner dates for Winter 2016 are:
January 30
February 27
March 26
Participation in all three dinners is not required, just sign up for the days that work for you. The deadline for signing up for these dinners is Friday, January 22. We will distribute the dinner group list on Sunday the 24th. Please update your preferences via this link:

Ready For Your Destiny

January 17th, 2016

Sermon Title:  Ready For Your Destiny
Sermon Text:  2 Pet 3:14-18
Speaker:  Jonathan Matías, Lead Pastor
Series: Through the Fire to the Feast

  1. Prepare to stand before Christ (v. 14-15)
  2.  Make Scripture a high priority in your life (v. 16-17)
  3. Go hard after Christ (v. 18)

Click the link below to listen to the audio recording of this sermon.

Sermon Title:  Telling Your Story Of Forgiveness
Sermon Text:  Acts 26
Speaker:  Ron Bean, Elder

Click the link below to listen to the audio recording of this sermon.

In last Sunday’s service we showed a video for kids (and adults too!) summarizing the message of the sermon. Watch it below, or better yet, get the kids music albums from which its drawn–Rain For Roots!

The Wedding Banquet Song

The Wedding Banquet by Rain for Roots from Rain for Roots on Vimeo.

More Songs and Albums by Rain For Roots

The Day of the Lord

January 3rd, 2016

Sermon Title:  The Day of the Lord
Sermon Text:  2 Pet 3:10-14
Speaker:  Jonathan Matías, Lead Pastor
Series: Through the Fire to the Feast

What will take place at the Day of the Lord?

I. Abruptly
II. Refining Fire
III. Re-Creation

Why Does God Tell Us What is To Come?

IV. Live for That Day
V. Long for That Day
VI. Pray for That Day to Come

Click the link below to listen to the audio recording of this sermon.